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Professor Sabiá (Sabiá Pinheiro) is a dancer, capoeira practitioner, and public school teacher. He brings extensive understanding and knowledge of adolescent mediation and conflict management. His goal is to empower young people to question and explore methods of artistic expression through Capoeira Arts. Currently, Sabiá teaches capoeira and dance folklore at WC Capoeira Studio in Walnut Creek and at One Purpose Elementary in the San Francisco Bayview. Previously, Sabiá taught in the Dance Departments at Bard College and New York University as an Adjunct Professor and was the founding staff of the Capoeira Arts and Physical Education program at KIPP AMP Middle School in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, Sabia is a native of Bahia, Brazil. 


Capoeira is Brazil's fast and graceful Afro-Brazilian art form that blends dance, martial arts, and acrobatics into one beautiful art like no other. Imagine spending fun-filled time exploring the enchanted and enriching world of Capoeira a dynamic art form originating in Brazil, combining martial arts, dance, music, gymnastics with chess-like strategy, and cooperative play.

Promotes movement using body actions and acrobatic games that help kids learn about agility, space around them, and each other. Students learn songs in Portuguese, developing musical fluency while learning the importance of rhythm, cadence and camaraderie. Professor Sabiá help kids learn discipline, self-awareness channel energy, stimulate imagination, and promote creativity.



While singing in Portuguese,with live music accompaniment, participants ‘play’ capoeira allowing individuals and groups to: give and get respect, develop self-discipline, strengthen patience, increase physical stamina, become a valued member of a community/group, feel strong, build trust, get motivated and enhance teamwork.

A regular practice of Capoeira has the following benefits:

  • Strength: The exercise routines of Capoeira require lot of upper body movements, like moving around on hands during headstands, poses, rolls, etc. ...
  • Flexibility: ...
  • Stamina: ...
  • Co-ordination: ...
  • Speed: ...
  • Balance: ...
  • Stress Reduction: ...
  • Confidence:


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Prof. Sabiá (917) 653-9339


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